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1 Aug 2013 Most popular guide on facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance. Claim bonus, reward and freebies from here.
Season 1 / Chapter 2.3 - Elektra / Chapter 3.5 - Dr. Doom / Chapter 4.4 - Magneto / Chapter 5.3 - Loki / Chapter 6.3 - Doctor Octopus / Chapter 7.3 - Green Goblin / Chapter 8.5.
8 Aug 2013
Epic Bosses. Guide to Epic Bosses: Once you have completed all the missions in a Chapter, you are tasked with defeating the Epic Boss. Each fight requires a specific hero to be owned for deployment, which you can see listed after the boss name. So first you need to complete all of the threats on a given chapter, including
LIST OF EPIC BOSSES EPIC BOSS: Elektra Location: Chapter 2 Mission 3. Unlock Requirements: Complete all Threats and Deploy Missions (you will need to Deploy a Scrapper and Black Cat) Epic Drop: Grecian Sai (see stats in image below) Strategy: Elektra will be supported by 2 Scrappers so avoid
27 Aug 2016
Location: Chapter 4 - Mission 6: Deploy Requirements: Hank Pym, Ms. Marvel & Wasp: Team-Up: Black Panther: Epic Drop: Incinerator Unit, High Capacity Incinerator Unit (Challenge Mode): Waves: 1. Wave 1: Venom. Strategy: Another lone bruiser, either you bring Pym to complement Panther and rip Venom apart or just
Epic Bosses are Villains that will only appear once all threats (Low, Medium, High Threats, and
25 May 2012 Marvel: Avengers Alliance Guides. An Epic Boss is a secret boss that appears when specific conditions are met. To unlock Epic Bosses, you need to fight all the battles and deploy specific heroes that are needed. Be warned, they are more difficult than Mission and Mini bosses!, but if you are successful on
There are epic bosses hidden in the game of Marvel Avengers Alliance. Below is a guide on how to unlock these hidden epic bosses and strategies on how to defeat them. If you have found this guide useful or helpful, please check out our other guides for Marvel Avengers Alliance. I will now also include some notes for the