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Ships by TruckMachine Manual Brand Name, Acer Model Number, 1760G brake, Halogen worklight, Tool box with tools, instructions and parts manual.
Features: HEADSTOCK: All gears are made with chromium molydenum steel and hardened & ground to its accuracy. A forced lubrication system lubricates all
Our Dynamic, E-lathe™, and Oil Country Series of engine lathes are of very stable construction and built to last. The expansive number of models that we offer
  October 26, 2017. Dynamic-1740G/1760G/1780G Electro-trochoid pump forces lubrication oil to all running parts inside the headstock. Oil bathed cross lead
Dealer registration? Forgot password? E-lathe™ 1760G. Model/Part #: E-lathe™ 1760G E-lathe™ 1760G Engine Lathe
Dealer registration? Forgot password? Dynamic-1340G Dynamic-1340G Engine Lathe Model/Part #: Dynamic 1740G Dynamic-1760G Engine Lathe
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Downloads-User Manuals E-mill™ Head & Wiring Diagram (1.19 MB). Bed-mill. Bed-mill E-lathe™. E-lathe™ 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) (3.95 MB)
The following is a list of all Parts Lists/Diagrams & Parts Price Lists available for download. IMPORTANT: When contacting us for parts requests, please provide your machine's E-lathe™ 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) [Mouse-over Pricing].
Low maintenance and down time cost due to fewer gears in headstock. Constant surface speed (optional). Electronic and mechanical brake for fast spin spindle